Native Box Review + Giveaway!

Native Box Review + Giveaway!

First of all, Happy Australia Day to all my Australian readers! I plan to spend the day with friends eating delicious food and relaxing by the pool.

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but over the Christmas period I was fortunate enough to be gifted a Native Box. Due to all the craziness that Christmas brings, I am only now sharing my thoughts about the box with you. The amazing people at Native Box have also kindly given me one Native Box to giveaway so read till the end to find out how to enter!

Beautiful gift box!

Native Box is a gift box proudly filled with Australian eco-friendly sample products. This box is delivered straight to your door, and depending on your subscription level you could be receiving this gem inclusive of the very best eco-conscious products to sample each month!

It’s a cost effective way to familiarise yourself with eco-friendly brands and to sample some of their product offering!

Unfortunately I was unable to test all the products as there were ingredients in some of the food that I cannot eat. However, here is my review of the products I could test:

Light hand cream

The Australian Bush Flower Essences hand cream is ideal for summer as it’s very light and non greasy yet still moisturising. It also has a subtle fresh citrus fragrance which is fitting for summer. I really like this size as I can easily carry it in my bag without it taking up too much space.

Softening body wash

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at the large size of the Seraphina body wash sample. After using it, my skin has definitely become noticeably smoother. Although there isn’t a strong fragrance it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. The Seraphina products are specifically designed for people with sensitive skin such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, severely dry skin or easily acned skin.

Delicious dried mango!

Growing up in Cairns we would always have freshly dried mango in the house from the local markets. When I opened up the Native Box and saw this packet it immediately brought me back to summer time in Cairns. Whenever I am gifted food products out of habit I always look at the ingredient list. Much to my delight, the Essentially Natural dried mango really has been naturally dried as it contains 100% mango. It is quite soft in texture and is definitely something I enjoyed as a snack!

Gift voucher

I have actually just placed an order with Biome using this voucher. It is an eco store specialising in eco friendly products for the body and home. I was quite impressed with the diverse range of products they offer. There are three stores in Brisbane however they also ship throughout Australia and internationally. I look forward to receiving my package this coming week and testing out the products!

I personally believe Native Box is a beautiful gift to send in place of flowers to someone who is unwell or who is celebrating a special milestone such as a birthday or a new parent. It’s also an ideal way to treat yourself – everyone loves receiving packages in the mail (as this is a rare occurrence these days!) so why not have this gift box to look forward to once a month?!

Here’s how to enter the Native Box giveaway: This competition is now closed!


Native Box Winner

I hope all my fellow Australian’s have an amazing Australia Day!

14 thoughts on “Native Box Review + Giveaway!

  1. Here is my entry for the comp – in the event I don’t win….where can I buy one??? As a pregnant woman I do love a bit of pampering but also would love to send one to a friend.
    Thanks gone sharing your stuff with us 🙂

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