Beauty Winter Native Box Review

Beauty Winter Native Box Review

Coming back from summer in Europe to winter in Melbourne was a shock to the system to say the least! Yet, coming home to find Native Box’s new Beauty Winter Box at my door filled with all the winter essentials was just what I needed to help get through the last month. The Beauty Winter Box really is a great addition to the Native Box family and it’s amazing to see so many natural, eco-friendly products on the market.

Winter Beauty Native Box. Emma Lauren Food.

Amazing products!!

The Winter Beauty Box is ideal for the eco conscious woman who loves knowing that only natural products are going on her skin. What I love most about this box is that I’m able to try out the latest eco-friendly products that I wouldn’t normally find in stores. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of many of these brands before I received this box and am really impressed with a number of them.

Seraphina. Emma Lauren Food.

Creamy body custard

The Seraphina Organics body custard is thick and creamy – ideal for moisturising dry skin during winter, especially after a warm shower as the hot water can by drying to the skin. It’s been a lifesaver for me over the past month as my skin has been really dry. The cool winter in Melbourne has resulted in the body custard to solidify making it a little difficult to squeeze out – however, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to get out!

In terms of value of the Native Box, this full-sized body custard alone is $50.00 so comparing it to the price of the Native Box at $24.95 per box, the box is pretty good value.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle. Emma Lauren Food.

Refreshing soap

The Refreshed Lemon Myrtle soap has done wonders for my skin. The exfoliating element has been amazing in removing dry skin leaving it feeling refreshed and clean. The lemon myrtle scent is fresh and natural which is exactly how you want to feel after a shower.

Rainforest Remedies. Emma Lauren Food.

Moisturising lip balm

The Rainforest Remedies lemon myrtle lip balm is seriously moisturising! It’s been in my handbag ever since this beauty box arrived as it’s very soothing on chapped lips. Thanks to windy Melbourne, my lips have been quite dry so it has definitely come in handy and I love the fresh lemon myrtle flavour.

Care You Love. Emma Lauren Food.

Hydrating face moisturiser

The Care You Love face moisturiser actually felt quite greasy at first, but once I put it on my skin it soaked right in leaving it silky smooth. The naturally rose oils ensure the moisturiser has a nice perfume. I really think this is a moisturiser you could use all over your body.

Australian Bush Flower Essences. Emma Lauren Food.

Hydrating hand cream

The Australian Bush Flower Essences hand cream has also been a great addition to my handbag this past month. I’ve been using it a lot at work as my hands have been really dry – I think it’s because of the heating. This hand cream is quite thick which is ideal for winter as I found my hands need the extra moisturising.

Byron Bay T. Emma Lauren Food.

Soothing tea

The Byron Bay T Company‘s calming and digestion tea are really delicious. I’ve been drinking the calming tea at the end of a busy day and it’s definitely helped me to unwind and relax, leading to a good night’s sleep. The vanilla flavour really comes through and is great to sip on when I’ve had a sweet craving – I’ve found a cup of this tea usually satisfies it.

The second tea is great for digestion, especially as my stomach has been playing up the past few days – it’s really come in handy! The minty flavour is really refreshing and easy on the stomach. Will definitely keep an eye out for this brand of tea to purchase in the future.

Sanctum. Emma Lauren Food.

Gel mask

The Sanctum gel mask was very cooling on my skin – as soon as I put it on I could feel the aloe vera and cucumber hydrating my skin. Since winter is a time spent in a lot of heating this can be quite drying to the skin so it’s important to rehydrate it with the right products. I was very happy there were two of these masks included in the box – I was able to get at least four masks out of the samples!

La Mav. Emma Lauren Food.

Nightly repair nectar

The La Mav nightly repair nectar is seriously moisturising thanks to the eight different flower nectars. It smells beautiful and goes onto the skin smoothly. I really like how there aren’t any nasties in this product, along with their entire range of beauty products. Will definitely look into trying some more of them!

Essentially Natural. Emma Lauren Food.

Bath salts

The Essentially Natural bath salts smell divine. I actually haven’t tried these bath salts out as I haven’t had the chance to take a bath. Hopefully I will soon and allow these fragrant salts to soak into my skin.

Ettitude. Emma Lauren Food.

Bamboo cloth

The Ettitude bamboo cloth is rather deceiving – it feels quite rough initially but once wet it completely softens and is very smooth against the skin. I’ve been using the bamboo cloth to remove my makeup whilst in the shower and love how it exfoliates at the same time.


All in all I was really impressed with the Winter Beauty Box – the products included have been thought through and complement one another. Native Box’s really are a great gift for a loved one or even yourself – they allow you to try out different products and brands, often some you haven’t heard of before! There’s something exciting about receiving a box each month, full of new eco-friendly products!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Native Box. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

One thought on “Beauty Winter Native Box Review

  1. ooohh, so many photos. Thanks for posting this review. It helped me decide to sign up for the Spring Box. iI didn’t even realise they had a beauty box! I’m new to sub beauty boxes. I get the Nature’s Beauty Bag as well but are there any other similar cruelty-free options you know of?

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