Happy 2nd Birthday… Emma Lauren Food!

Happy 2nd Birthday. Emma Lauren Food.

Roses and coffee – two of my favourite things!

Happy 2nd Birthday… Emma Lauren Food!

Today marks the 2nd Birthday of Emma Lauren Food! Cannot believe how quickly the year has come around and how much has changed during this time. This past year I moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, went travelling through Europe, became the resident foodie for Natural Buzz, was featured in the Stefan Hair magazine and continued to create and share healthy yet delicious meals with you all.

Emma Lauren Food would not be what it is today without your continued support. Thank you so much for your positive feedback and for motivating me to continue recipe testing so I can share new tasty meals and treats with you all.

I wanted to share some of the most popular recipes from this past year (and also included a few favourites of my own!):

Chocolate Tahini Spread. Emma Lauren Food.

Chocolate tahini spread

Chocolate tahini spread

What better recipe to start off than with my Chocolate tahini spread?! This indulgent nut free spread is really versatile – I love using it as a topping on pancakes, layered in a breakfast jar, mixed with porridge, slathered on toast with strawberries and often enjoy the spread on its own with some fresh berries as a healthy snack.

Paleo Pancakes. Emma Lauren Food.

Paleo pancakes

Paleo pancakes

A weekend staple for me, these Paleo pancakes are so easy to whip up the hardest part is deciding what to top them with. They can be enjoyed either sweet or savoury – the topping combinations are virtually endless. You definitely won’t be hungry after devouring a stack of these pancakes!

Raw caramel coconut crunch slice. Emma Lauren Food.

Raw caramel coconut crunch slice

Raw caramel coconut crunch slice

This Raw caramel coconut crunch slice was a hit on my Instagram! Since moving to Melbourne, limited cooking appliances meant I had to become even more creative with my cooking. This decadent raw slice is a personal favourite as it only requires a mixing bowl and wooden spoon to make. Who says healthy food has to be complicated?!

Zucchini, fennel and mint salad. Emma Lauren Food.

Zucchini, fennel and mint salad

Zucchini, fennel and mint salad

This fresh and light Zucchini, fennel and mint salad was a winner over summer. The crisp fennel really complements the flavours from the mint and lemon. Plus the salad incorporates my new found favourite ‘zoodles’ AKA zucchini noodles – these have become a regular in many of my meals. This salad is super easy to whip up and is the perfect accompaniment to wild barramundi, Atlantic salmon or lamb.

Breakfast Jar. Emma Lauren Food.

Epic breakfast jar!

Breakfast jars

Breakfast jars. These really are an amazing breakfast. As a grab-and-go option for during the week, the breakfast jar fillings are only limited to your imagination. I like to change up the layers each day to keep my taste buds guessing.

Raw vegan homemade chocolate. Emma Lauren Food.

Homemade chocolate

Homemade chocolate

I couldn’t go past including this simple treat. My homemade chocolate is raw, vegan friendly and refined sugar free – and guilt free too! From the numerous times I’ve made it the comments have always been, “This is the best chocolate I have ever tasted!” That’s saying a lot as I know many of my family and friends are chocolate fiends. Go on, try it for yourself! Easter is just around the corner so you might as well have a few practise runs and test out different toppings!

Sweet potato wedges. Emma Lauren Food.

Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges. They are definitely a weakness of mine and something I enjoy on a weekly basis, often as a side dish or a snack. The paprika adds an earthiness and the high cooking temperature ensures they are slightly crispy. YUM!

Raw coconut chocolate salted caramel slice. Emma Lauren Food.

Raw coconut chocolate salted caramel slice

Raw coconut chocolate salted caramel slice

Now, before you start thinking that I have made an error by including two raw slices I can assure you this is no mistake! The Raw coconut chocolate salted caramel slice (such a long name!) is actually AH-MAZING! Using only 7 ingredients, 1 mixing bowl and 1 wooden spoon how can you go past making this easy dessert? The three different layers all complement one another as the salted caramel cuts through the rich chocolate and the coconut base flavours. I am salivating just thinking about them…

Stefan's 50th Anniversary Magazine. Emma Lauren Food.

Stefan Hair magazine feature

I was so honoured to be featured in the annual Stefan Hair magazine, the issue celebrates 50 years in business. Such a fantastic business achievement!

Natural Buzz - Superfood Mix. Emma Lauren Food.

Natural Buzz – Superfood Mix

I am excited to be the resident foodie at Natural Buzz which is a convenient superfood mix inclusive of eight powerful superfoods. It is the perfect addition to smoothies, muffins and salads, among others, to boost their nutritional value. Check them out!

Emma Lauren Food.

The year ahead: I wanted to leave you with a little food for thought – excuse the pun!

Cannot wait to see what the year ahead brings and look forward to continue sharing my healthy recipes with you all!

Emma Lauren xx

Emma Lauren Food

Thank you, Emma Lauren xx

What’s your favourite Emma Lauren Food recipe?

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